February Grocery Haul- Aldi, Walmart, & Dollar Tree

Hey frugal friends! Today I am sharing my meal plan for the rest of February, what I bought, and how much everything cost! This week, I shopped at Aldi, did a Walmart grocery pick up order, and went to Dollar Tree for a few goodies and ended up picking up a few items that come from my grocery budget!

I also am providing a meal for a friend at church who just had a baby, so I spent a bit on that, which I will include as well!

Meal Plan

February 14- Steak & Veggies 
February 15- Roast w/veggies 
February 16- Leftovers
February 17- Pulled chicken sandwiches, w/corn & baked potatoes
February 18- Chicken Tacos
February 19- Salsa chicken & rice
February 20- Pasta & Sauce w/salad
February 21- Beans & rice w/cornbread
February 22- Zuppa toscana
February 23- Leftovers
February 24- Chicken Tacos 
February 25- Pasta & sauce w/leftover veggies/salad
February 26- Beans & rice
February 27- Baked chicken drumsticks
February 28- My Birthday (lunch out)
February 29- Ladies Night (dinner out w/friends- Kyle & kids- leftovers/take out)

Oatmeal, cereal, eggs, yogurt, pancakes

PB&J Sandwiches w/crackers & fruit, tuna salad, salad, salami wraps, snacky lunch, leftovers

Fruit, popcorn, veggies, granola bars, crackers, chips

Meal for Friends: 
Taco meat (3lbs), flour tortillas, hard taco shells, tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, and sour cream


Toilet Paper- $15.99
Gluten Free Pretzels- $2.18x2
Broccoli- $0.99x2
Kettle Chips- $1.29
Pinto Beans- $1.45x2
Stir Fry Veggies- $1.79x2
Taco Tortillas- $1.25
Fajita Tortillas- $1.99x2
Tortilla chips- $0.89x3
Veggie straws- $1.95
Tuna- $0.79x6
Frozen Burritos- $2.75
Organic Granola Bars- $2.69x2
Rice cereal- $1.49
Granola bars- $1.15
Taquitos- $1.89
Parmesan crisps- $4.99 (I swear they were cheaper than that, wow! Not getting again =/)
Taco shells- $0.89x3
Cheese blocks- $1.69x2
Salsa- $1.19x3
Pasta Sauce- $0.85x2
Pop- $2.45 (for Kyle for work, forgot this in the video!)
Shredded cheese- $2.79
Chipotle ranch dressing- $1.99
Black tea- $1.89
Olive Oil- $3.89
Ranch- $1.95
Caesar salad kit- $2.29
Butter lettuce- $1.99
BBQ sauce- $0.95
Corn- $0.79
Sour Cream- $0.89x2
Chicken Broth- $1.19x2
Italian sausage- $2.49
Organic ketchup- $1.65
Chicken drumsticks- $2.41
Chicken thighs- 10.38 lbs- $17.54
Bacon- $3.49
Bacon bits- $1.29
Black beans- $0.48x2
Grape tomatoes- $1.69
Pepperoni- $2.19x2
Diced tomatoes- $0.45x5
Roast- $7.80
Yogurt- $3.45
Mustard- $0.55
Baby carrots- $0.89
Asparagus- $1.69
Spinach- $1.39x2
Mandarins- $2.89
Bananas- 2 bunches- $1.93
Eggs- $0.99x2
Cucumber- $0.55
Strawberries- $1.29x2
Trail mix- $3.79
Brown rice crackers- $1.99
Apples- $2.69

Total: $187.81


Steak- $8.25
Gluten free pasta- $1.98x4
Popcorn kernels- $1.66
Salami- $2.48x3
Gluten free bread- $4.98
Gluten free cornbread mix- $3.44
Ground beef- 3lbs- $8.98
Oatmeal- $2.46 (forgot at aldi)
Ruffles chips- $2.50 (Kyle really wanted to try them!)
Shredded lettuce- $1.62

Total: $49.25

Dollar Tree-

Coconut milk- $1.00x2
Adult colgate toothbrushes- $1.00x2
kids toothbrushes- $1.00

Total: $5.00

Grand Total: $242.06

We are still within our $125/week budget, but we're hoping to get it down to $100 a week for March! Of course, the steak for Valentine's day is a splurge. We also don't always make an extra meal for another family, but money well spent!

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Thanks so much for checking out the blog post and video on our latest grocery haul! What are your favorite budget meals or way to save money at the grocery? Let me know down in the comments!